Multimedia collage

Watermelon Flag

For the culture! Show your support for Watermelon Day at Sankofa with... 


"Rapping is the ART and ENGINEERING of LANGUAGE divided by MATH" -... 

What's on a T?

I create art to make people aware. To help show a different perspective of the world around them. My earliest influence was gospel music. From the audience, the choir stand and the band section. I was taught that the words you repeat to a rhythym becomes a mantra, and that the words  you see everyday become what you believe. I’ve tapped into that power, musically, as a profession for my entire adult life. I only dabbled in graphic design and clothing occasionally over the years. I am finally ready to promote all the graphic t ideas I’ve been working on. Here you’ll find a lot of Pan African flag themes (Red, Black & Green), mirror designs (that are meant to be read in the mirror as affirmations). Another design I love working with are the three perspective T’s. They show the same graphic to the person looking at the wearer, the wearer looking down, and the wearer looking in the mirror. Get your Watermelon Flag,  ZYX mirror or Morning Announcements mug here! Thank you for supporting the art that supports you.